Sli Khumalo refuses to apologise to DJ Tira and his wife

Sli Khumalo refuses to apologize to DJ Tira and his wife. She gained attention last month when she made the allegation that Tebogo Lerole, a member of the Kwela Tebza band, attempted to get her to share a hotel room with another woman so that he could have a s.xual encounter with DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi, during the Eastern Cape SUV challenge event. After sharing a voice note of a conversation between the two women, gender activist Sli Khumalo went on to accuse Gugu of having an extramarital affair with Lerole.

“I refused to share a room with some random girl who came with Tebogo while he wanted to share a room with Gugu.”

Following the accusations, Gugu pursued legal action against Sli. In a letter to Sli, Gugu’s attorneys demanded that she retracts her claims and apologize.

The letter from Gugu’s lawyers read, “Should you fail, refuse and/or neglect to accede to our client’s demands within 5 (five) days of receipt of this letter, we hold instructions to institute legal proceedings against you, the costs of which you will be held liable.”

Sli flatly refused to apologise, in a counter letter seen by ZiMoja, that was sent to Gugu by Sli’s lawyers, Diaho Attorneys Inc, dated 20 May 2023, states, “We submit further that our client will not subject herself to much indignity of apologising for something she has nothing to do with,”

Since the accusations against the former Mafikizolo dancer are persistent, it has reportedly caused pressure in her marriage to DJ Tira.

Khathi, according to Sli, ought to approach the media and not her for an apology. She asserts that when the media outlets reached her, she was simply providing her perspective on the matter. Sli’s legal team responded to Khathi in defense of her.

“Your client makes vexatious allegations against our client which we maintain are malicious and baseless. When the gossip came up on social media, your client Mrs Khathi and her associate assumed that the gossip news had anything to do with our client, which she denied. The assumption is informed by the fact that our client knows the two parties Mrs Khathi and Mr Lerole for at least three years, the latter being the client’s colleague in the Act Now Africa NPO and our client knows Mrs Khathi through Mr Lerole.”

Sli is adamant that she won’t bother to apologize or give Gugu’s legal threats any consideration. She stated that there is no proof that she interacted with the social media influencer Musa Khawula on Instagram and that she attacked people who “she doesn’t know from a bar of soap” against them.

The letter from her lawyers adds, “Secondly, our client had no motive, none whatsoever, to attack people on something of this nature. Why would she do this now and not three years back.”

Gugu says she is not backing off, she wants to teach her a lesson. “She is now blaming the media claiming that they approached her and she was just responding, I am not backing off, I want her to pay the price of trying to break my marriage and trying to tarnish my name. If she claims to have evidence she must produce it,” says Gugu adding, “I have been in the industry for many years, and I want to make an example of her.”