Stephanie And Hubby Hungani On Struggles With Intimacy

Stephanie And Hubby Hungani On Struggles With Intimacy. Rhulani Iyana Ndlovu’s mother, actress Stephanie Ndlovu, and her spouse, actor Hungani Ndlovu, have experienced some difficulties since the birth of their first child. The new parents claim that Stephanie battled with finding herself in her new body as well as returning to work after giving birth, which may have harmed their close relationship.

Stephanie And Hubby Hungani On Struggles With Intimacy

Stephanie And Hubby Hungani On Struggles With Intimacy

Months after getting married in 2020 and following a devastating miscarriage, the couple received their daughter. On their YouTube channel, the Ndlovus Uncut, they share their most private moments, and in the most recent video, Steph opens up about intimacy and how it turned into a battle.

Stephanie And Hubby Hungani On Struggles With Intimacy

“I went from physically looking in a certain type of way and feeling a type of way to … after having a baby, I just didn’t feel sexy, and I didn’t feel like I want to necessarily be touched or for you to even give me attention because I was like, ‘Oh my gosh I had a C-section.’ I just didn’t feel like myself.”

Stephanie And Hubby Hungani On Struggles With Intimacy

Hungani said that while being supportive was his top priority, there may have been instances when he fell short.

Stephanie previously discussed how challenging it was for her to get back into the flow of things.

“Getting back to work after a baby is a challenge for anyone, but getting back to being in front of the camera has been the greatest battle for me. I still sometimes feel like a stranger in my own body (and mind) but this is a big one for me; not for the obvious reason but because I really didn’t plan to do this audition or any auditions, anytime soon, but I did it anyway because I’m constantly fighting against the desire to give up on myself.”

“Today was tough, almost had a meltdown at this fitting, what started out as excitement quickly turned into frustration & I almost wanted to give up again. What’s important is that I didn’t. Everyone has a different postpartum journey that lasts for how ever long it lasts, what’s important is that you show up for yourself, because you’re a freaking masterpiece. So, hard as it may be, I will continue to show up because I deserve to,” she added.

Stephanie always encouraged new moms to keep moving, “To every new, old, single, struggling Mom- “YOU ARE EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN”- Shine

The couple also admitted that they had reached a point where they thought off getting a divorce.

“I’m sure you already saw the title and you are like huh, what’s going on? I’m sure tabloids have already started writing articles,” said Hungani at the beginning of their video.

“We decided to have this conversation based on another conversation that Patronella and I were having and subsequent about what if we were to separate, what would happen to pretty much everything that we have,” added Stephanie.

“We’re married in a prenuptial agreement with a cruel which means that whatever we come into our marriage with is ours separately and whatever we build within the marriage in than ours together,” added Hungani.