Tembe family issues NPA with scathing letter, claiming AKA shoved Anele off balcony

Tembe family issues NPA with scathing letter, claiming AKA shoved Anele off balcony.

The multi-award-winning rapper is allegedly accused of pushing Anele Tembe off a balcony, according to devastating claims that have surfaced just hours before family and friends attend Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ funeral service on Friday.

The accusations were made only a few days after the National Prosecution Authority explained why no one was charged in connection with Tembe’s death.

Eric Ntabazalila, a spokesman for the NPA, stated that Western Cape Director of Public Prosecutions Nicolette Bell made the decision to refer the case for an inquest after giving it careful thought. Tembe’s death was not to be prosecuted.

According to reports, Tembe died in April 2021 after falling from the 10th story of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town.

City Press reported on Friday that when the choice was taken not to press charges, Tembe’s family, via its attorneys, submitted a letter to the NPA.

According to the letter, AKA pushed his girlfriend. Furthermore, it was said that there was “ample evidence to proceed with prosecuting him.”

AKA and a hotel employee allegedly made up their statements to police, and the letter claimed that the evidence that was offered throughout the investigation was disregarded, according to sections of the letter that City Press published.

According to City Press, a witness stated Tembe urged AKA to leave her alone just before her “collapse” and that Tembe and AKA could be heard arguing in the hotel. The witness reported hearing “Anele Tembe drop and perform CPR on her.”

Also, according to City Press, there were blood stains in the hotel room indicating a fight between the couple, and AKA had scratch wounds on his back that were reportedly caused by Tembe as she allegedly tried to defend herself.

The letter goes on to say that Tembe’s fingerprints were not discovered on the balcony, further demonstrating that she was pushed or thrown over, according to the City Press story.

According to the investigation, Tembe was alive for 20 minutes after she hit the ground until she passed away, and AKA made no attempt to assist her.