The Best and Baddest Female villains In Soapville

The best and baddest female villains In Soapville have proven to us time and time again, that a woman’s deadly work is never outdone. Female villains tend to be eviler than their male counterparts and often have three things in common: memorable one-liners, an amazing wardrobe and the best make-up on set.

Here are some of the best, baddest female villains in Soapville right now:

Dawn Thandeka King – Mangcobo in UzaloDawn Thandeka King – Mangcobo in Uzalo

Female villains In Soapville
Female villains In Soapville
Female villains In Soapville


Mangcobo is a fierce, charismatic woman who will do anything to remain on top. While she often hides her fierceness by letting Nkunzi (her on-screen husband) take control of most situations, she won’t think twice about betraying and backstabbing him or anyone else to get what she wants. What makes her better than Nkunzi; she’s always one step further than him and works with him to feed her own agenda. She’s killed before, hijacked cars and even spent time in prison for her deviousness.

Connie Ferguson – Harriet Khoza in The Queen Connie Ferguson – Harriet Khoza in The Queen

Not a lot of fans appreciate Connie Ferguson’s ability to have moved from playing the ‘sweet-daddy’s-gal’ Karabo Moroka from Generations to playing the ‘monstrous-evil’ Harriet Khoza on The Queen. The show is about her ‘The Queen’ and she has her own warped sense of pride and value system that legitimizes her devious acts, and we are here for it!
Katlego Danke – Nthati in GomoraKatlego Danke – Nthati in Gomora

Female villains In Soapville

When a character turns bad, we usually feel sorry for them, but in this case, Nthati’s character has no choice because of the financial burdens her late husband left her in. She’s determined, clever, clinical-like her mother, and even better than her mother because she’s younger.

Sindi Dlathu – Lindiwe Dikana in The River

What makes Lindiwe Dikana better than all the villains on this list and what makes her bad deeds hold so much more weight, is her emotional intelligence and her ability to switch her emotions in seconds. She’s unlikeable because she’s a cold-hearted killer and likeable because she’s charming and beautiful.

Lusanda Mbane – Boniswa Langa in Scandal Lusanda Mbane – Boniswa Langa in Scandal

All the female villains on this list have another thing in common; they are very protective of their children and have avoided killing or hurting their children, no matter the circumstances. Boniswa Langa is a vile, cold, calculating and selfish woman who would destroy anyone who tries to get in her way. Her wrath and anger is born out of a self-made victim narrative, where she feels entitled to all the wealth and status her late husband left her with.

Honourable Mention:

Connie Chiume – MamSonto in Gomora

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