The Body Found Burnt In Thabo Bester Prison Cell Has Been Identified.

The Body Found Burnt In Thabo Bester Prison Cell Has Been Identified. The South African Police Service (SAPS) have identified the body found burnt inside Thabo Bester cell in Mangaung prison.

It is stated that the burned body discovered in Thabo Bester cell at Mangaung prison was able to be identified by the SAPS.Katlego Mpholo, who has been missing since April of last year, has been positively confirmed as the body.Katlego Mpholo was born on May 18, 1991, and had two (2) children, according to the deceased father.Katlego Mpholo supposedly passed out in a town near Bloemfontein, and after being transported to a hospital, he tragically died from a blood shortage.

It appears that his body was transported to the state mortuary, where it vanished.

How Katlego Mpholo’s body entered Thabo Bester’s prison cell is still a mystery.Thabo Bester’s cell caught fire, and it is said that in order to fake his death and escape from prison, the deceased’s body was used.Many people across the nation were startled to learn that the DNA matched that of the deceased mother.The case is being looked into by the police, and Katlego Mpholo’s family is demanding an explanation.

The Facebook rapist and murderer Thabo Bester was declared dead last year when his prison cell was burnt down together with the body which was identified as his.

People believed for nine months that Thabo Bester had committed suicide within the prison when GroundUp revealed that he had actually fled and that the body that had been discovered inside his cell was not his. That was verified by DNA.