TikTokers blast Themba Mabaso for hurting Mpho Wabadimo’s heart

TikTokers blast Themba Mabaso for hurting Mpho Wabadimo’s heart. Themba ‘Broly’ Mabaso, a reality television personality, won’t be able to forget his “blunder” regarding the break up of his relationship with Mpho Wabadimo. After a fresh TikTok video mocking ThembaBroly circulates on social media, the trolling won’t stop until it’s done.

ThembaBroly, the previous second runner in Big Brother Mzansi, can without a doubt say that things have taken a turn for the worse. Evidently, many of his fans and supporters were offended by his public breakup with his fiancée, Mpho WaBadimo, and have since turned against him.

TikTokers blast Themba Mabaso for hurting Mpho Wabadimo’s heart

ThembaBroly is being mocked while performing on stage in a new viral TikTok video that is presently going viral on social media. One of his performances has been edited and given sound by TikTokers as they chant, scream, and boo him about his breakup with Mpho WaBadimo.

“They are terrorizing Themba on the clock app,” wrote Thabang’s Toothpick

Themba Broly is having difficulties in paradise as it gradually becomes clear that many of his fans are entirely past his era. Numerous people have subsequently distanced themselves from the ThembaBroly brand.

The pregnant Mpho WaBadimo stated yesterday that she had been receiving threatening texts, including death threats, in the midst of the breakup drama and returning home.

In an Instagram story, Mpho shared a screenshot of one of the threatening messages she has been receiving.

“You stupid b*tch you can block numbers and people all you want but we will find you. We wish that baby you are carrying dies because our king doesn’t deserve the humiliation you brought to his life and that bastard child in our family. We know your house, car, and where your son goes to school, we will end you and we will not rest until you have fallen from your high horse. Are you even going to make it to Maputo ngoba leso sisu siyaphum,” reads the message

The Big Brother Mzansi winner admitted to Zimoja Lezinto that she is now living in fear as a result of receiving threatening texts and death threats.

“I have been receiving death threats; from calls to texts threatening my life and my son’s life till today. Those threats have been direct, and it has created a very hostile situation for me and those close to me. I’ve been receiving pictures of my car, home, and son with threats. Some of these messages and calls are coming from people close to the person I was in a relationship with,” reports Zimoja Lezinto.

Mpho WaBadimo shares having been in contact with her to seek legal actions amidst the situation at hand.

“I have been in talks with my lawyer and seeking further advice and will not be doing any media interviews about my past relationship. I m trying so hard to move away from this chapter but the defamation that has come with it hasn’t been pleasant to the extent of threats leading to my unborn baby, son, and myself,” reports Zimoja Lezinto