Tweeps ‘outraged’ by Lindiwe Sisulu sitting between AKA’s parents

Tweeps ‘outraged’ by Lindiwe Sisulu sitting between AKA’s parents.

When Lynn and Tony Forbes, AKA, were seated between them at the memorial service for their son Kieran Forbes, South Africans were not pleased.

The Megacy criticized politician Lindiwe Sisulu on social media for “taking the attention” at Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ burial ceremony by sitting between his distraught parents Lynn and Tony Forbes.

Fans of the rapper were interested to learn if the minister was related to the Forbes family and to learn why she didn’t give the rapper’s parents time to grieve.

The tweet “AKA’s mother can’t even comfort an emotional dad because Gogo Lindiwe Sisulu is hogging the front row between family” by user @bogatsulemie caused Sisulu to go viral.


Tony Forbes, the father of AKA, started crying and Sisulu, who was sitting next to him, did not comfort him.

“She didn’t even flinch at the father busy breaking down in pain.”

The hip-hop icon, who will be buried on Saturday, February 18, was remembered by hundreds of business associates, loved ones, and fans on Friday, February 17, at a jam-packed Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg.



“Is that Lindiwe Sisulu in between AKA’s grieving parents?! Walter & Albertina Sisulu we appreciate your contribution to our freedom but your offspring has gone too far.”


“I have so much respect for other offsprings of the Sisulus they have done well and contributed to our society. I don’t have time for Lindiwe she is different from the lot. Zwelakhe, Maxwell, and others are well renowned.”


“Exactly what I was complaining about, why on earth would she sit between the parents?”


“Lindiwe is doing exactly what ANC is doing to us as citizens of this country.”


“What is the ANC even doing there? They are the reason we are in this mess in the first place.