Vusi Thembekwayo slams cops, says AKA’s killers would have been caught in 24 hours by apartheid police

Vusi Thembekwayo slams cops, says AKA’s killers would have been caught in 24 hours by apartheid police.

Businessman Vusi Thembekwayo has come under fire from social media after he, too, criticized the police for not quickly apprehending the assassins of slain rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

Social media users have criticized Thembekwayo for saying that the apartheid government would have captured AKA’s murderers in less than 24 hours.

The remarks were made by Thembekwayo while he was speaking to eNCA’s Power to Truth about South Africa’s financial crisis.

The businessman used the death of murdered artist AKA as an example to contrast the ANC government’s “incapability” with the apartheid government’s “capabilities.”

“Let me make this as a controversial statement… If, God forbid, what happened to Kiernan Forbes happened during apartheid, and the apartheid government wanted to find the killer, they would have found that killer in 24 hours”.

“That is a fact , and I know it… So the question for everyone to ask themselves is how could we have gone from such an incredibly capable state to the state of such incapability,” he said.

Thembekwayo also admitted that there are competent individuals working in the public sector, but they are also dissatisfied with the direction things are going in.

Even though the apartheid state was repugnant, he explained, it had effective machinery, including the cops.

He attempted to justify his divisive opinions on Twitter, but social media users dismissed them as “hog wash”.

Police Minister Bheki Cele stated that the investigation into AKA’s slaying had made “significant” development.

Speaking on Newzroom Afrika, Cele expressed satisfaction that police were actively looking into the matter and following up on leads.

On February 10, AKA and his buddy, renowned chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, were shot and killed in a Durban restaurant.

The two were shot dead in Durban more than two weeks ago. There have been no detentions.