Warren Masemola bids farewell to House of Zwide

Warren Masemola bids farewell to House of Zwide. An accomplished actor, Warren Masemola has won five SAFTA awards throughout the course of his successful career in theater, television, and movies.

An actor who portrays a single role for years on end rarely accomplishes this achievement. Instead, an actor who constantly seeks out new and interesting people does it.

Warren Masemola bids farewell to House of Zwide

Masemola, who played the title antagonist of the serial opera’s A-storyline, did that when he joined the House of Zwide cast back in September 2022. As reported at the time.

Warren Masemola bids farewell to House of Zwide

Worst nightmare of Funani is going to enter the gates of the House of Zwide. Funani Zwide’s largest and oldest rival is reportedly the newest character to join the popular eTV drama series.

Warren Masemola bids farewell to House of Zwide

“Alex is a high-flier, and his biggest achievements include featuring on the Forbes’ “30 under 30” as well as winning the coveted LVMH Prize for young designers. But don’t let the charm and bright outfits fool you, Alex has a heart of darkness. But first, he wants to bring Funani to his knees…” the statement concludes.

But it appears that Masemola is prepared to move on and find a new role to perform after eight months of portraying the persona.

The forthcoming episode of House of Zwide, to air on Monday, May 15, 2023, will see the departure of the show’s current adversary, Alex Fudzai, played by Warren Masemola.

The exit is a segway for the narrative to alter the dynamics of the romance between the two main characters, Funani Zwide (Vusi Kunene) and Faith Zwide (Winnie Ntshaba). This is so because Funani has always been the “innocent” one among the two, unable to fathom a motive for ever committing murder.

While Faith was the wife who concealed her husband’s knowledge of the terrible history. As the summary of Masemola’s departure reveals, the dynamics are now about to alter:

“One night, while Nkosi and Faith are in the middle of a heated argument, Alex shows up with a gun to kill Funani. An almighty tussle ensues, and it ends with Nkosi having to shoot Alex to protect his father.

The Zwides are rocked by this and it’s Faith who thinks on her feet and manages to get rid of the body and clean up the crime scene. Suddenly Nkosi has a murder on his hands and needs the protection of the one person he hates the most.”

Warren has not yet thought back on his brief but evidently impactful stint on the serial opera due to his impending departure from House of Zwide. It is understandable that he hasn’t used social media to say goodbye to the character considering that his departure hasn’t yet been made official.