Gravedigger under fire for recording AKA’s empty grave

Gravedigger under fire for recording AKA’s empty grave. Following a gravedigger’s TikTok video sharing of the late Kiernan “AKA” Forbes‘ empty grave, Mzansi is outraged. The grave digger caught on camera while setting things before the funeral on Saturday, revealing AKA’s actual grave.

Following a video that was published on social media just a few days after AKA was buried, there was criticism. The actual grave where the rapper was interred has been made public by a grave digger. Even though his gravestone was already placed next to his burial, many people were offended by the offensive grave digger’s video.

“SHOCKING | Grave digger under fire for recording AKA empty grave during the set up for the slain Superstar and posting it on TikTok. #RIPAKA #RIPakaworldwide SIM DOPE Zinhle NOTA Cassper” wrote Charles Banks


Several tweeps were moved by the gravedigger’s comments about AKA, who is undoubtedly not South African. According to reports, the gravedigger is a Zimbabwean national, and the municipality that employed a foreign worker is under criticism.

Angry Twitter users are demanding the grave digger’s immediate deportation since he violated several laws by releasing the footage. Even though the media was permitted, AKA’s funeral was not televised live for a reason, and there hasn’t been any questionable video of this sort.

‘He is from Zimbabwe this one, he’s being too disrespectful in Shona” wrote Palmeranks Chief

The relevant municipality has not yet spoken forward to address the controversy surrounding their putative employer’s publishing of this video.