What Bahumi Mhlongo has learnt from Somizi’s relationships

What Bahumi Mhlongo has learnt from Somizi’s relationships. Somizi and Bahumi Mhlongo, two South African media figures, appeared as speakers on Tbo Touch’s The Touch Down program on Metro FM. The father and daughter chatted about their relationship, occupations, romantic relationships, and everyday living.

Som revealed during the show that the thing he shields from his daughter is his relationship.

Tbo further asked Bahumi to talk about what she has taken from her dad to shape what relationships are.

Som tried helping with the response by saying, “She takes what not to do.”

The young actress responded to the host’s query by listing qualities about her father’s partnerships that she finds admirable.

“On the what to do part, it’s just seeking happiness, and ensuring that your person accommodates you, and if they don’t then it’s time to start questioning where things are going. My father doesn’t waste time, he is very intentional about what he does and who he is with. and I’ve gravitated towards that.”