Zoe Mthiyane And Ex-Lover Lebo M At Loggerheads Again

Zoe Mthiyane And Ex-Lover Lebo M At Loggerheads Again. After Mthiyane’s arguments over their kid, former Generations actress Zoe Mthiyane and ex-lover Lebo M are at odds once more. Lebo M has received legal papers from Mthiyane, who have been served with instructions to stop featuring their child in the reality TV program.

Lebo M has reportedly received papers ordering him to stop featuring both his and Zoe Mthiyane’s child on the program. Zimoja Lezinto claims that Zoe Mthiyane told ex-lover and baby father Lebo M in the letter to forgo bringing their child to the show without her permission.

Zoe Mthiyane And Ex-Lover Lebo M At Loggerheads Again

“We are instructed by our client that Mr Morake is engaged in the filming of a new television reality show in partnership with Primedia and Carol Bouwer Productions as the producers of the show and that certain fliming activity has taken place that includes her minor child, (name withheld). Inconsideration of the foregoing, prior consent has not been sought or obtained from our client for the filming of the minor child by Mr Morake, or Primedia and Carol Bouwer Productions” read the letter

The letter goes on to say that any previous filming that included the child and the identity, which has been withheld for the time being, was done without Zoe Mthiyane’s permission or knowledge.

Instead, the letter also states that all of the filming is considered to be illegal, which could have very negative effects.

Under the circumstances, any filming that has taken place which includes (name of child withheld) has taken place in the absence of consent from our client and may be unlawful.” read the letter

In the letter, Zoe Mthiyane makes it clear that she has no intention of interfering with the development or shooting of Lebo M’s program. Her goals, however, are to avoid being highlighted in the upcoming season of the reality show because of the child she has with Lebo M.

“Primedia and Carol Bouwer Productions refrains from publishing/broadcasting the production or portions thereof where Mr Morake and any other cast member portrays her negatively or in any manner whatsoever. Our client has no intention to interfere with the production unnecessarily and in the circumstances, she is open to exploring any reasonable method of excluding any reference to her by name by Mr Morake and any other cast member and any reference to her by Mr Morake and any other cast member, including but not limited to the complete removal of those scenes and or the censoring of those scenes already filmed.” read the letter

Lebo M, who is presently on tour abroad, was unable to be reached for comment. Carol Bouwer Productions and Primedia both stated that their lawyers are looking into the situation.