Zoleka Mandela hospitalized

Zoleka Mandela hospitalized. Serious prayers pour in for hospitalized South African writer, activist, and granddaughter of Nelson Mandela Zoleka Mandela.

Zoleka Mandela hospitalized.

Zoleka shared her admission letter on her Instagram page and said that she had been admitted since Saturday. The author is still battling the chronic condition after receiving a diagnosis of bone cancer last year.

She disclosed that she is waiting for chemotherapy and that she is now undergoing radiation on her spine and pelvis.

“I’ve been admitted into hospital, been here since Saturday morning, and currently receiving Radiation to my spine together with my pelvis, and awaiting Chemotherapy, for the progression of the cancer in my body. It’s going to be a long haul, but so appreciative of the efforts made towards the betterment of my health, by the medical team and medical staff. I can’t wait to get back home to the kids! Peace. Passion. Positivity,” she wrote.

The author admitted that she was prepared for her death during an appearance on Point of View with Phemelo Motene on Kaya FM. Zoleka claims that she met with her family, attorney, and therapist to talk about what life would be like for her children after she passed away.

“It will probably sound strange but, I think I am blessed or fortunate enough to be in a position where I am in my planning stages. I am having conversations with my loved ones, lawyer, therapist, and siblings to discuss what happens on the day and after I pass away,” she said.

In 2022, Zoleka learned that her cancer had come back. She wrote an emotional message on Instagram in 2022 about how she was hanging on by a thread following the official CT scan that revealed she has cancer in both her liver and lungs.

“Yesterday (29.08.2022) marked my official diagnosis, the CT scan has revealed cancer both in my liver and lungs. I am yet to receive feedback regarding my Bone scan, to establish whether I have cancer beyond my ribs. I am hanging on by a thread.

She also thanked all who have been praying for her recovery. “Thank you all for your outpouring of love, prayer, and support. Peace. Passion. Positivity,” she wrote.

The shocking discovery was made after she consulted with her GP, who later diagnosed her with Bone metastasis – a condition in which cancer cells spread from their original site to the bone.

“I’ve had a sore back for more than a month now, and recently consulted with my GP when I could no longer tolerate the excruciating pain in my left rib. I went for an x-ray of my chest and rib a few days ago – I have a pathological fracture and swelling caused by cancer,” wrote Zoleka.