Zoleka Mandela Reveals She's Planning Her Death

Zoleka Mandela Reveals She’s Planning Her Death. Author Zoleka Mandela has revealed that she is planning her death after being diagnosed with bone cancer.

Zoleka Mandela Reveals She’s Planning Her Death

The author disclosed that she is getting ready to pass away during an appearance on Point of View with Phemelo Motene on Kaya FM. In order to talk what will happen to her children after she passes away, according to Zoleka, she has met with her family, a lawyer, and a therapist.

“It will probably sound strange but, I think I am blessed or fortunate enough to be in a position where I am in my planning stages. I am having conversations with my loved ones, lawyer, therapist, and siblings to discuss what happens on the day and after I pass away,” she says.

Tweeps have been sending her well wishes:

“Idk how much one person can go thru. Her upbringing wasn’t so “glamorous” as we’d think, alcohol, sex and drug addiction, losing children, cancer over n over again, losing ur grandma THEN 2yrs later ur mom, marriage not working out, baby daddy leaves u THEN terminal cancer.💔💔”

“I just see God’s grace in you, I love you, and what you going through is felt by many. Be comforted that your children will be under God’s sovereignty and they are going to have good memories of you after you being called home. You are in my prayers always.”

In 2022, Zoleka posted an emotional message on Instagram about how her life was dangling in the balance after a formal CT scan revealed that she has cancer in both her liver and lungs.

“Yesterday (29.08.2022) marked my official diagnosis, the CT scan has revealed cancer both in my liver and lungs. I am yet to receive feedback regarding my Bone scan, to establish whether I have cancer beyond my ribs. I am hanging on by a thread.

She also thanked all who have been praying for her recovery. “Thank you all for your outpouring of love, prayer, and support. Peace. Passion. Positivity,” she wrote.

After making the decision to see a doctor, she was given the diagnosis of bone metastasis, which is a condition in which cancer cells have spread from their original location to the bone.

“I’ve had a sore back for more than a month now, and recently consulted with my GP when I could no longer tolerate the excruciating pain in my left rib. I went for an x-ray of my chest and rib a few days ago – I have a pathological fracture and swelling caused by cancer,” wrote Zoleka.